The Benefits of Getting an Exercise Bike

Don’t want to get out of bed because you have a bad day but still want to have some exercise. Exercise bike is what I use on such days and it works wonder.

One of the crucial parts of a fitness program is cardiovascular exercise. A good example of such a workout is riding a bike.  There are a lot of workout machines that have become popular but later on, they lose their appeal to exercisers. However, the exercise bike is one exception. Until now many people still buy them and enjoy the benefits it gives. This article will tell you the benefits of working out using an exercise bike.

One of the best things about an exercise bike is its affordability. The ones of good quality are only around a little more than $100. Compare this to elliptical machines and treadmills that cost a whole lot more. There are exercise bikes that cost $200 up but they have added features, depending on your preference.

Another benefit of an exercise bike is its low impact. You do not jump, jog or jump on it so it is easy on the joints. Because of this, you will not suffer painful or problematic joints while you exercise.


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When you use an exercise bike regularly, you will help protect your heart because it provides a good cardiovascular workout. Many people die due to stroke and heart disease. Having an exercise bike will help ensure these health conditions do not attack you.

Riding an exercise bike will help you manage pain. There are medical researchers who have done a study where participants suffering from chronic back pain exercised on this fitness equipment for twenty-five minutes and experience decreased pain perception for not less than half an hour afterwards.

Another benefit you get from an exercise bike is it is safe to use. There are people who have been recorded to fall off their elliptical machine or treadmill and have suffered minor injuries. You will not experience this with an exercise bike like the recumbent one because you are able to comfortably and properly sit on it.

The good thing about exercise bikes is that they come in many types and in two major kinds, namely:

  1. Upright bike
  2. Recumbent bike

The upright exercise bike is like your usual bike which has a small seat with the pedals below it. The recumbent exercise bike possesses a bigger seat and has back support. Its pedals are almost as high as the seat.

In terms of features, the upright exercise bikes have more varied ones. They are also smaller and lighter. People with balance, joint or mobility problems should not buy this one though because it necessitates flexibility and balance to ride on it. It can also make your back, knees and hips stiff.

Because they are designed lower to the floor, it is easier to ride recumbent bikes. When you are on it, you will feel your back and hips are protected since you can stretch out your legs right in front and not have them below you. Furthermore, there is usually a back to the seat so you can feel relaxed.

Before buying an exercise bike, ask your doctor, trainer or physical therapist about the kind that is ideal for you and your condition. If you have joint problems, go for heavier and bigger exercise bikes.

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Cancer Bald So Hard

I found this video so inspirational, wouldn’t you agree?

People should have this positive outlook. It changes things, you know.

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Bald and Beautiful Art


These art should be able to tell us and you could be bald and beautiful at the same time. Don’t be afraid for who you are, whether you are suffering from cancer or hair loss. It’s part of life and if you are able to cherish that, you are living to the fullest.

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